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Natural Baby Skin Care

You love your baby. Your baby spent nine months in a protected environment with every food and product carefully chosen for the health of your growing baby. Why should that concern stop once your baby arrives in the world? The products you put on your skin matter. You want them to be beneficial, but also have safe ingredients. Skin care for your baby should be the same.

Baby’s Skin

A baby’s skin is sensitive, delicate and soft. This means it requires extra special care to keep it healthy. Skin irritation is very common in the first year as a baby acclimatises to the world. When a baby is born, they are covered in a skin protectant called vernix. This peels off within the first week on its own and shouldn’t be hurried along: the more skin protection the better. Babies born after the due date could already be missing the vernix as it can peel off in the womb.

The sensitive baby skin provides a very important purpose: touch is very beneficial to newborns.

Skin to skin contact can help boost immunity, fighting diseases, plus it can trigger hormones. Massaging your baby can help with your connection and also have an impact on his or her mood; helping them be more calm and sleep better.

Bath Time

Wash your baby in warm water two to three times a week. Bathing too frequently removes essential natural oils and can dry the skin out. Babies don’t get dirty beyond soiling diapers and getting messy from eating or drooling. Between baths, gently clean the face and diaper area.

To give a bath, keep the bath shallow, using two to three inches of water, instead of submerging the baby. As the skin is sensitive, keep baths short, around five minutes; don’t let the baby sit for long periods in soapy water. Using a wet washcloth or Kosmea’s Five Minute Facial Muslin Cloth and a cup, start with the face and work your way down. Filling a cup with water and gently pouring it over the baby’s shoulders can keep them warm and rinse without startling them with the faucet. Make sure you wash inside all folds to get dirt out and prevent rashes. Wash hair last, keeping it dry until then to keep baby warm.

Immediately after the bath pat baby’s skin dry instead of rubbing and moisturise your baby’s skin with Kosmea’s Certified Organic Rosehip Oil to prevent dry skin. Keeping the skin moisturised, but not moist, will prevent many potential skin irritations. Turn moisturising into a baby massage: lay your baby on a blanket or towel and warm rosehip oil or Rescue Body Cream in your hands. Gently rub baby’s stomach and chest, keeping eye contact and talking to them.


Diaper or nappy rash can be a common issue with babies. Few, if any babies can get away with not getting one. Diaper rashes are usually caused by wetness, if a baby sits in a wet diaper for even a minute too long. They can also be caused by a sensitivity to products such as the diaper itself, the creams or wipes. If it definitely isn’t caused by irritants, make sure the baby is changed quickly when the diaper is soiled. Wipe the area thoroughly and pat dry allowing baby to air dry the rest of the way. Keeping the diaper area open to air as much as possible is a great way to prevent diaper rash. Kosmea’s award winning Rescue Balm can then be applied liberally to the area to soothe and repair skin, and prevent future rashes.

Sunburn is another big concern for babies. They should stay out of direct sunlight for the first six months of life. When outside, keep baby covered with clothing, hats and umbrellas, or stroller canopies. Baby sunscreen should always be used as long as it is safe for their age such as our Moisturising Lotion SPF 30which can be used on babies from six months old. If baby gets a mild sunburn, a cool cloth can help relieve it followed up with a few drops of rosehip oil.

Be very careful with all products that touch baby’s skin. Besides creams and cleansers, this also includes detergents. Make sure all detergents for towels, bedding, baby clothes and even your clothes don’t contain irritants like fragrances or chemicals that can be harsh for baby’s skin. Chemicals can cause chafing, dryness and rashes. When dressing your baby, make sure you wash every article of clothing first, and try to keep them in soft fabrics like cotton to prevent irritation. Skin irritation is normal for babies, but if you notice any concerning irritation, contact your pediatrician immediately.

Baby Products

Make sure the products you use are as natural as can be and contain:

  •          NO mineral oils
  •          NO artificial colours
  •          NO petrochemicals
  •          NO artificial fragrances
  •          NO sodium lauryl sulphate
  •          NO animal ingredients

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