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Dark Chocolate & Rose Smoothie

A healthy sweet treat to enjoy for breakfast or dessert that also gives you a dose of essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants!



  • 4 x drops Kosmea’s Rose Hip Oil
  • 1 x ripe, frozen, sliced banana
  • 100ml x coconut water
  • 2 x tbsp. frozen raspberries
  • ½ x tbsp. vanilla powder
  • 2 tbsp. cacao powder


1. Combine all ingredients in a blender and set blender speed on high

2. Blend until smooth

3. Pour into bowl and top with your choice of toppings

4. Hop back into bed and consume!


The toppings we chose are:

  • Granola Clusters
  • Raspberry dark chocolate
  • Fresh strawberries and raspberries
  • Rose petals


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